I keep getting emails from people asking me to write my representatives regarding supposed things they are going to do with my money. Fortunately, every time I investigate it turns out the worrying is all for naught. It turns out in almost every case that our politicians, while admittedly self-serving, aren’t stupid enough to do the crazy things they are accused of in said emails.

This isn’t a plea to stop the emails, it’s to bring up a point. And the point is this: Some people are ignorant, due to either a lack of IQ or common sense. This is sad, but not their fault. Others choose ignorance. This is much worse.

Thank you. That is all.


No, sadly there is less evil in the world than there is utter incompetence or willing ignorance. Trying to express fiscal concerns to most of Detroit’s current political leaders makes about as much sense as trying to discuss the pros and cons of free-market capitalism with a very intelligent hamster.

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