Today’s abandoned house is a particularly striking house, with tremendous potential near Detroit’s cultural center.


Hello There
I am a 50 year old Canadian who lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I got a wife and two kids. I am a factory laborer/weekend musician (guitar and vocals, hillbilly cracker rock) who is facinated by all things American. I really want to come to Detoit and see the city. I would love to know the address of that first house “The abandoned house of the day”. Oops…. trackback address… I’ll check it out. Anyways …. I think I could probably talk to the local paper here and write an article and maybe make a couple of bucks. I am actually a pretty gifted writer.. I took report writing in college. In fact I even wrote test reports and tech stuff for a local manufacturing company here in Winnipeg until I got downsized.
Anyways… I will be in touch and I adore your website.

Sincerely yours
Geoff Erickson

Thanks Geoff. I hope the map above answers your question about the location of the house. Last I heard it was purchased by a woman who had plans to restore it.

I’m not sure of its current status, but I believe it’s still standing. I’m sorry to hear about your being downsized, it’s a story that’s all too common in the Detroit area.

If you ever do write a story, be sure to share it. I’d love to see it.

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