As more and more of Detroit is abandoned, former yards become fields filled with wildflowers.


Hello! These are beautiful photographs of Detroit’s wildflowers! Would you mind if I used some (3) of them in a promotional video for a kickstarter project I’m doing? Of course we will credit this site, or your name in the video and on the kickstarter site.

Here is a link to the website portion of the project, we don’t have a the writeup there about the project yet but please respond to this comment soon and I’ll send it to you!

Nice idea for a website. I hope it takes off. It’s hard to tell who is behind it, but whoever you are, please check out the nature page of my website, I have a bunch of wildflower pictures, and I took a fair number of them in Detroit, where I have lived all my life. The snapdragon-like flower that you mentioned in one of your photos is called “butter and eggs.” I put a link to this page from the links page of my website.

–Christopher Beck
(313) 393-0701

hey Christopher, not sure what you mean by not being sure who’s behind the project, as we emailed you directly to ask about participating several weeks ago and naturally checking out your site is how we found out about your efforts. You certainly have some nice photos there on your site, and of course if we get funded to build the (free and open source) software for mobile devices and taking the popular ecology approach we hope to, we’d love to have you upload them along with the other folks we’ve been in contact with!

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