The inside of the long abandoned Globe Trading Company building along the riverfront in Detroit, Michigan. Supposedly soon to be lofts. We’ll see…


this is one of the coolest old buildings i have seen, many years ago this was a highly industial area along the detroit river. People like to make fun of detroit, not stopping to think that times change, everyone wants low priced walmart products made by kids that make poverty wages, the air in china is so that the way you want it here? no one wants a factory in thier backyard. stop cutting down detroit and think if all the great things that have come out of detroit, planes and tanks to defend our nation for for example during ww 2. you know if people put as much energy into solving our problems as they do thinking up ways to cut things down we might come up with some solutions. my uncles worked at the big 3 during the 60, 70 and 80s and they were good , smart men. they were not stupid! they were good men

I agree, the Globe Trading Company is great building that should be saved, as should much of Detroit’s aging architecture.

I also agree that there are many good people in and around Detroit. But having good people does not necessarily equal success. Detroit, and Michigan in general, needs good leadership. The Big Three needs good leadership, as does the UAW. There are as many people with ideas of what Detroit needs as there are people cutting Detroit down…in fact I cut Detroit down all the time, but I’ve always spoke my mind on what I think was, and is, needed. Unfortunately, my letters, emails, and the occasional phone call to various political leaders, have never received a single response.

If the leadership of Metro Detroit doesn’t care, and never changes, how is anyone else supposed to maintain a positive outlook. I gave up…I moved. And guess what…as sorry as I am to say it, the grass really is greener elsewhere. The family and friends I have in Michigan are good people too, it’s just that they don’t make the policy of city, county, or state governments, nor do they pilot the once great companies that created Detroit.

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