Apparently the only thing that happens in Detroit is that pro sports teams play sports. Or maybe it’s that that’s the only positive thing that happens in Detroit? Or perhaps Detroiter’s feel the need to validate their own lives by associating with highly paid, successful, professional athletes? Who knows, I suppose it’s better to obsess about sports than about some movie stars lives, but…

Well, after searching I found some real news, and of course there wasn’t really much that was good. Former city councilman Bates faces up to 41 months in prison for putting family and friends on the city’s payroll, without actually requiring them to work. Michigan had three cities with some of the highest rates of poverty, including Flint, Saginaw, and of course, Detroit, which has a poverty rate of 32.5%. The state’s poverty, as a whole rate, is higher than the nations. Also, the area’s housing prices declined 11%.

Some good news please…anything?

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