The other day I stopped by a friend and colleagues place to pick something up. We don’t talk all that often, and when we do, he’s generally pretty upbeat about Detroit, and the Metro area. This time he mentioned several times that he was considering moving to some other place. He didn’t really know where at this point, but he didn’t see a lot of benefit in staying either.

I’ve always wanted to leave Detroit, and have done so several times. Yeah, I’m here now, but, I’m always thinking about the next place to move to, so it’s not surprising for someone like myself to be talking about moving. But it’s actually a little sad, and scary, to hear someone who’s spoken up for Detroit for so long suddenly talking about moving away.

Personally, I often feel torn. It’s not that I have a great love for the area, but most of my family and friends are here. I make a living here too, though, I’m confident that if I can make it here, I certainly can make it in a more economically robust area as well. The discussion the other evening did what so many things do lately. It made me seriously think about trying to sell the house (I know…me and half the population of area home owners…), and getting the heck out of here. If I wait, is the situation only going to get worse? Will I be able to find some kind of opportunity in the wreckage to make sticking it out worth it?

To stay or to go? I’ve got to listen to the little voice in my head. It’s usually right…

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