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The abandoned house of the day.

Today’s abandoned house is a particularly striking house, with tremendous potential near Detroit’s cultural center.


Today’s photo of an abandoned house in Detroit

Abandoned and slated for demolition in 2004.


Yet another abandoned house in Detroit…

Part of a series on abandoned houses in Detroit, Michigan. This house, formerly located in Detroit, and since demolished, is representative of the type of housing that existed in Brush Park, an upscale suburban neighborhood from the turn of the 20th century. Eventually the area was abandoned by the former wealthy inhabitants for suburban neighborhoods further away. Suburban sprawl came early to Detroit, and the effects are still felt by the city.


Abandoned house in Brush Park, Detroit, Michigan.

An abandoned house in Brush Park. At one point it was owned by a man with intentions of renovation. The owner fell ill, or passed away (I don’t remember which), and the house became abandoned once again.


Blue wall, snow, Detroit

A decaying blue wall, surrounded by nearly colorless gray sky, and white snow.


Globe Trading Company

The inside of the long abandoned Globe Trading Company building along the riverfront in Detroit, Michigan. Supposedly soon to be lofts. We’ll see…


Detroit skyline sunset

A shot of the Detroit skyline at sunset. Taken from Belle Isle a few years back.