Can you tell which side of the map is Detroit and which side is Grosse Pointe?

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I live in California and have just finished reading your Blog. My daughter owns some rental properties in Detroit and wants me to move there to manage them. Quite frankly your Blog both frightens me and interest me. A city with a history such as Detroit should not be left to wreck and ruin. It’s too bad the people are so discouraged with their town and they are not interested to providing a neighborhood for their family. Neighborhoods have banned together and forced out gangs and crime in other areas, but it was not easy.

I am curious; are you all show and no go? Or would you actively promote revitalizing Detroit? Would you be willing to put time and effort into seeing a plan succeed? Could you sit down with a group of people and discuss realities and resolutions?

Sure. I am already doing things in an effort to make Detroit a better place, but I’d be happy to do more. I’d love to meet with a group of committed individuals, groups, and businesses to see what can be done.

I’d be happy to hear from anyone with ideas for making the area a better place. And I’d be more than happy to coordinate meetings, or gatherings of similar minded individuals.

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