For years I’ve been spotting pheasants in the city of Detroit. This one was out in the late evening during a spring snowstorm. I’ve seen them in many parts of the city, and almost had one hit my windshield while driving down Chene near Mack.

Searching online I came across several articles about pheasants in the city. The Metro Times had this article, the Free Press had this one about pheasant hunters training their dogs in vacant lots in Detroit,   and of course, this Time article mentions pheasants in a piece on urban renewal.


In amongst the abandoned houses, this picture is sweet. Rather than thinking only of the decay, I can see sign of life, if that makes any sense.

I always see them when I’m not looking for them. I was dropping a friend off at her house and one was standing on the porch two doors down. If we ever get another pro sports team they should use pheasants as their mascot.

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