Abandoned Houses

At last count Detroit had over 12,000 abandoned houses scheduled to be torn down. The houses range from small nondescript bungalows to, formerly, stately mansions.

Small Churches

Small churches, often in re-purposed buildings, including old storefronts, houses, or other buildings not initially intended to be used as a place of worship.

Michigan Central Station

When built in 1913, the Michigan Central Station was the world's largest train station. Unfortunately the station was never even filled to capacity with several upper floors never being used. After years of neglect and deterioration, the Detroit City Council has voted to demolish the historic building, and bill the owner, Matty Maroun, for the costs.

Detroit Doors

A variety of, mostly industrial, doors in Detroit.

Detroit Fog

Photos made on December 26, 2007; a foggy morning in Detroit.

Black and White

Black and white photos of Detroit made over the last ten years.


Miscellaneous photos of Metro Detroit at night, often industrial areas, often abandoned.

'67 Detroit Riots

Images from the area surrounding 12th and Clairmount, the location of Blind Pig raided by police, consequently touching of the infamous riots of 1967.