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The abandoned house of the week




I recently came across two articles that speak of feelings many from Detroit currently feel. Feeling both torn between hating the area for it’s many short comings, and loving it for some reason as well. Maybe it’s what Detroit represents (or used to anyway): hard work and ingenuity. Or maybe it’s more simple than that. Maybe it’s just that it’s home.

Either way, questions such as, can Detroit become what it once was, or more simply can it survive, are constantly asked? Survive, it will, but become the major center of a new economy, like it was before, is next to impossible. It is what it is, and through the hard work, perseverance, and creativity of those who choose to stick it out, or who have no choice, Detroit can, and likely will, become a much better place.

Motor City Breakdown

The Detroit Dilemma

The abandoned house of the week


Detroit’s abandoned house of the week


More abandoned Detroit

One of Detroit’s abandoned east side neighborhoods.


Empty east side


Dead body frozen in ice…

A disturbing article in the Detroit News:
Frozen in indifference: Life goes on around body found in vacant warehouse
While this could happen in many American cities, it does say a lot about Detroit. The level of indifference in the area is incredible, and won’t change any time soon. Detroit won’t improve until enough people care.  Until enough people care, Detroit will not attract the kind of people needed to bring the right kind of change to area. And the attitude won’t change until a majority of those living in Detroit have some hope. And as long as poverty rates hover around 40%, unemployment rates continue to climb, and the education rates remain low, hope will remain illusive for many Detroiters.

Below are two iconic structures owned by Matty Maroun (mentioned in the preceding article). It’s amazing that an individual such as Matty is allowed to leave many of his structures unmaintained. In most cities, the buildings would have been condemned long ago by city or county agencies. Somehow Matty is able to get away with actions that no one else would be able to pull off.



Abandoned, burned out, house in Detroit, Michigan