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Updated map of Detroit photo locations

I’ve added some small church locations to my Google Map. Unfortunately, the Huggins Community African Methodist Episcopal Church, and the whole row has since burned.


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Prayer Mission Baptist Church


When the wall to your church collapses onto the sidewalk and street, there’s no need to stop holding services. With a pile of bricks and an i-beam laying across the sidewalk and into the street, the name of the church, the pastor, and the service schedule was simply painted on a once interior wall. As singing and sounds of “praise God…” blared from speakers of a church across the street, pedestrians walking along the sidewalk either climbed over the pile or walked into the street without so much as a pause to consider the somewhat strange¬† situation. It is a testament to what can be considered “normal” in the city of Detroit.

25th Street Church of God in Christ, and Kwame gets a job

Just in case you ever wondered, or speculated about the relationship between big business and politics, here’s an article that will only confirm what you thought.¬† Not that I believe we should deny people of second chances, but really, who would hire a convicted mayor?


New Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church


Additions to the Map of Abandonment

And apparently Detroit’s credit rating has reach junk status. My only question is, “it wasn’t junk status before?”

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Kingdom Living Ministries


Happy New Year


Jesus Christ Apostolic Church


Christ Divine Love Baptist Church

Part of a series on Detroit’s small churches.


Christian Center Church