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Vanishing neighborhoods

Each summer Detroit’s abandoned neighborhoods begin to disappear as nature advances. As winter approaches, and the overgrowth recedes, the houses and evidence of former homes reemerges. But with each passing year, the evidence grows more faint.

Ironically, on the same day I put up this post, I found a similar post on Sweet Juniper by James Griffioen.

Detroit’s wildflowers

As more and more of Detroit is abandoned, former yards become fields filled with wildflowers.

Detroit’s Studebaker Plant

Detroit’s Studebaker automotive plant was built in 1906, and was originally for the Wayne Automobile Company. At one point, after Wayne Automobile Company merged with Everitt, Metzger and Flanders, it was the worlds second largest producer of automobiles. Studebaker acquired Everitt, Metzger and Flanders, and the plant in 1910, and Chrysler took over in 1928 after Studebaker moved to South Bend, Indiana.

Eventually a portion of the plant was abandoned while the eastern end was used for the Piquette Market. The abandoned portion caught fire on June 20, 2005, and eventually spread through out the structure, becoming a five alarm fire. The entire building was destroyed.

Where Detroit ends…

Can you tell which side of the map is Detroit and which side is Grosse Pointe?

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Grace Fellowship Baptist Church